Satisfaction Survey

It is nice to be appreciated!!

With so much negativity in the air these days it sometime is hard to breathe the freshness of positivity!

We want to share some of the positive comments from our patients to show that we care about how our patients perceive our providers and care received!

Survey of 100 pateints seen in our cardiology division:

Category Percent Agree
I am very satisfied with my relationship with Dr. Thareja 100%
I have had positive experiences with Dr. Thareja and staff 100%
I know I can trust Dr. Thareja to monitor my current condition 100%
I know Dr. Thareja is not always on time but tries to be 40%
I know that Dr. Thareja will come to the hospital if I am there 100%
I know Dr. Thareja has called me at home to check on me 40%
I think that Dr. Thareja’s staff is efficient and friendly 100%
I can get in contact with Dr. Thareja’s office for assistance 80%
I can walk into Dr. Thareja’s office and the staff will assist me 90%
I will happily continue to be a Dr. Thareja patient 100%

Our Providers strive to be the best they can be for each and every patient. Our providers are up to date on the current medical standards of care, and display compassion and care for all our valued patients.

Our survey is 100% backed up with verifiable documentation.